Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Love Cheras Carnival 2008

Hi everyone, the annual Love Cheras is here again. Last year we had about 6000 people from all over Cheras and Malaysia attending the carnival, we expect no less this year. Hope to see all of you there. The details is as follows:

Love Cheras Carnival 2008
Venue: Leisure Mall Cheras
Time: 11am-5pm (Carnival)
7pm-9pm (Concert)

The Elijah Challenge

On the 26th-29th June 2008 this year, the churches in Cheras was given a special training by our guest Rev. William & Lucile Lau from the US. This was a training that equipped many people in the area of commanding healing and deliverance. About 540 people attended 18 hours of teaching about commanding the sick to be healed, followed by 2 nights of healing rally where many were healed.

The major difference in this healing rally compared to others was that, usually it would be 1 or 2 invited guest that will be trying to minister to 100's or even 1000's of sick people. But in this particular healing rally, it was the 540 whom attended the teaching that jumped into action. Not only did this manage to cut the waiting time of the sick, it was also faith building for fellow believers as they can see with their own eyes, the Holy Spirit working through them.

Here are some snaps taken during the training and rally:

This was the venue where the night rallies were held in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras

A quick and simple prayer was said before the healings took place

Praise and Worship during one of the nights by Praise City Church

Evangelistic & Healing message during the early part of the night

Rows and rows of people were queing just to give testimony of how they were healed

The delegates of the teaching seminar were given opportunity to lay hands on the sick

one of the sick who had a hearing problem being prayed for

here he is giving testimony to an improved hearing right after being prayed for

This was a child having speech problem now being able to complete a sentence

A gentleman giving testimony and also showing in action that he is fully healed

This gentleman had extreme sensitive skin and was also on crouches, after prayer, the crouches were of no use and his skin problem was healed

delegates of the healing seminar

as you can see, everyone was being very attentive

one of the pastors from Cheras, Pastor Lawrence of Charis Christian Center seems to be enjoying the teaching

another pastor from Cheras, Pastor Looi Kok Kim of Charis Sanctuary also seems to be enjoying himself in the seminar

testimony of delegates being healed themselves

delegates were given quick hands on of how to command healing before the rally itself, many were healed

one elder from Cheras EFC Elder Nio having a quick laugh during seminar

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